Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scared for number 2

As my due date quickly approaches I'm finding myself worrying more and more about having to take away some of my attention from Caden. Everything I do is for him and we have a great relationship. I know this is a common concern among second time moms but but i just don't see how i have enough love in me to spread between two little boys. I guess Ill just have to wait until Camryn is here to see how ill do as a mommy to two instead of one. Don't get me wrong, i am so excited to bring another human into the world and giving Caden a life long friend, Its just really scary to think of how much my life is going to change in three months. I'm excited and ready to take on the challenge.


  1. You'll do great. But it's tough to make sure and give the new baby what they need too. They will both need you, and they'll both have to learn to share. :) I had a super hard time when my 2nd came, but you'll get into a rhythm and things will work out. Best of luck

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  2. You'll do awesome! It was hard when #2 came, but worse with #3! Haha!

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