Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10 things I never leave home without

Now over the year that I've been toting around my little guy there are some things I've learned never to leave home without. Some are no brainers, and others you don't realize you need until its time. Here's my top 10 list that I never leave home without!

1. Bottled Water
You never know when your little one will need a drink. It's also great when you need to clean up after a mess.

2. Baby Wipes
Great for cleaning up after a messy meal as well as diaper changes. Make sure you have plenty.

3. Changing Pad
You can never plan out when or where your little one may need a fresh diaper.

4. Stain Stick
I love my tide to go pen. Little ones love to spill on their, as well as your clothes.

5. First Aid Supplies
Playing and exploring a new place leads to more falls and accidents. (Always pack extra kisses to make it all better!)

6. Snacks
The food never seems to come fast enough at restaurants, so a hold-them-over healthy snack is just the answer to avoid tantrums.

7. An extra outfit
Whatever it is, it will end up on clean clothes so a back up outfit is helpful.

8. Favorite Toys
Your savior when your precious angel starts getting sleepy and cranky in the middle of your grocery shopping.

9. Tons of Diapers
I have one in my purse, one in the car, and tons in the diaper bag. Always be prepared.

10. Camera
So you can catch all those unplanned adorable moments that they will hate you for when they grow up!


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