Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Exploring the world of Food!

Its a whole new world when your child is transitioning from jarred baby food to the huge world of big people food. In the beginning, everything i tried to put in Caden's mouth brought the funniest face i think hes ever made! it took a few days of just curiously taking a bite here and there from whatever his dad or i had before he got used to all the different textures. Now hes an eating fool! He loves having bananas and toast for breakfast and Pb&j and mac and cheese are among his favorites. Hes more willing to try new foods and we've introduced him to many of our family favorites. I'm sure it wont be long before he starts eating full meals and not just a few bites here and there. Its fun for me to watch him play with the food and squish it all up before either shoving it in his mouth or throwing it over the side of his high chair to our dog. Needless to say, Waldo loves mealtime with Caden!

Scared for number 2

As my due date quickly approaches I'm finding myself worrying more and more about having to take away some of my attention from Caden. Everything I do is for him and we have a great relationship. I know this is a common concern among second time moms but but i just don't see how i have enough love in me to spread between two little boys. I guess Ill just have to wait until Camryn is here to see how ill do as a mommy to two instead of one. Don't get me wrong, i am so excited to bring another human into the world and giving Caden a life long friend, Its just really scary to think of how much my life is going to change in three months. I'm excited and ready to take on the challenge.

10 things I never leave home without

Now over the year that I've been toting around my little guy there are some things I've learned never to leave home without. Some are no brainers, and others you don't realize you need until its time. Here's my top 10 list that I never leave home without!

1. Bottled Water
You never know when your little one will need a drink. It's also great when you need to clean up after a mess.

2. Baby Wipes
Great for cleaning up after a messy meal as well as diaper changes. Make sure you have plenty.

3. Changing Pad
You can never plan out when or where your little one may need a fresh diaper.

4. Stain Stick
I love my tide to go pen. Little ones love to spill on their, as well as your clothes.

5. First Aid Supplies
Playing and exploring a new place leads to more falls and accidents. (Always pack extra kisses to make it all better!)

6. Snacks
The food never seems to come fast enough at restaurants, so a hold-them-over healthy snack is just the answer to avoid tantrums.

7. An extra outfit
Whatever it is, it will end up on clean clothes so a back up outfit is helpful.

8. Favorite Toys
Your savior when your precious angel starts getting sleepy and cranky in the middle of your grocery shopping.

9. Tons of Diapers
I have one in my purse, one in the car, and tons in the diaper bag. Always be prepared.

10. Camera
So you can catch all those unplanned adorable moments that they will hate you for when they grow up!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cell Phones and Remotes...

Why is it that the jam packed toy box full of toys is never good enough when there is a cell phone or remote in sight for a toddler? I mean, seriously, Caden got a whole new surplus of toys for his birthday but they aren't as entertaining as an old cell phone that he won't put down. We have three riding toys and tons that sing or are interactive. It totally blows my mind. I realize he likes to chew on the phone or remote but i don't get why he doesn't want to chew on his actual toys. I guess what i really want to know is why the obsession with technology starts so young.

Mall Trick-or-Treating

Yesterday was trick-or-treating at our local mall. Since Caden is only one we decided to take him there rather than out on Halloween night. Myself, my husband Steven, my son Caden went along with my best friends Diana and Dave with her nephew Gabe. First of all let me tell you putting a 10 month old in a frog costume and a 12 month old in a Winnie the Pooh costume is a task in itself. Both boys kept trying to figure out how to get out of it. Caden wouldn't leave the hood on and Gabe couldn't find his hands under the flaps at the end of his sleeves. Although it kept us entertained and gave plenty of photo ops they didn't seem enthused. We jumped in line with the hundreds of other little monsters who were just as eager to get all the candy. No candy was eaten by the actual trick-or-treaters besides a couple of dum dums. Needless to say, all the adults in our group all went home on a sugar high. There were tons of cute costumes both store bought and homemade. We got some ideas for next year when we do it all over again. Hopefully then when will be more enjoyable for the little ones!

The begining of Mommy Madness

Hello! my name is Talia and I am a stay at home mother of a 1 year old little boy. I am expecting my second son in less than 3 months. Needless to say I've got my hands full! My son is on the verge of walking and tears up the house every chance he gets. As soon as i waddle around behind him picking up all his toys, he's already got another mess going! It seems like I'm super busy now and its only going to get worse. I keep up on the "What to Expect- The First Year" as well as "What to Expect When Your Expecting". I guess you could call them my bibles. The writers are pure genius for coming up with the idea to make a compilation book for first time mommies like myself. Still, with all the books and magazines I have piled up, there is still so much that my son teaches me that I never knew to expect. So by starting this blog I am going to share my trials and tribulations with all of you and hopefully you will find humor and/or helpful hints within my experiences and a mommy. Feel free to leave comments with your input. I would love to hear from you. Enjoy!